A must read...great article on what to do when a prospect ghosts you

Do you follow Gini Dietrich from Spin Sucks? She just published a great LinkedIn Newsletter piece on What to do when a prospect ghosts you! Totally worth a read.

Would love to discuss here after you read it!

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Have you ever tried a script to appeal to their ego?

“I saw the recent launch you did on XX. I loved how you XXX.”

“I saw this article about the rise of XX, and I know from our conversation that’s something your organization has been focused on and doing well since XX. I just thought you’d find this article interesting. Kudos for being so forward-thinking.”

Then, add value. Something such as, “It made me wonder if you had considered XXX,” or “What a great opportunity to translate this into leads through XX.”

How about trying a case study? Ever done that?

“We had a client who and was able to leverage it to . If you want to jump on a quick call, I would love to share our process to help you achieve that result."

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Was just running through and tagging stuff and saw this one got no response.

Given that we touched on how tough the sales process can be in 10/14/22 Agency Mastermind Check-in + recap notes, I’m wondering if any of our @Agency friends have additional insights on what to do when a prospect ghosts you …?

Thanks for tagging Paul!
I’m probably not the best person to ask seeing as I’m terrible with sales LOL
I will follow up with a prospect 1-2 times, leaving at least a week, if not more, in between touch points.
If I do see something that I truly and honestly think would be of interest to them, I will send it to them just as a “thought this might be helpful” or “something you’d be interested in”, but I won’t bring up anything about working with me.
For example, I had a prospect where I sent the proposal and didn’t hear from them. I followed up a week later with another email. Still heard nothing.
In the sales call with them, I remember them saying they needed a product photographer. So, I waited another couple of weeks after my second email and then followed up with the contact info of a product photographer I recommended. I didn’t ask about my proposal or anything, just gave them the connection and told them I was here if they had any questions or needed help with anything.
That was it!
I know I could have a much better system in place, I just hate the idea of chasing after people because I hate when people do that to me.
That’s just me! :slight_smile:

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As a person who hasn’t been in sales per say, I think people don’t want to be sold to. We could just cast a net and see what we catch and then propose something and if they ghost then move on. Don’t waste too many resources waiting.

But i think that sales has changed a bit into more of “I think this could be helpful to you” vs “This is why you should buy my product” - or at least that’s what it should be.

I’m not much of a sales guy because I don’t like pushing product, I want customers to make an informed decision and after that find out that we’re the best product for them. Maybe I’m wrong in that idea due to lack of experience.

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