A Complete Guide To LinkedIn Sales Navigator (Julbert Abraham)

Julbert Abraham

What is your biggest fear as a business owner?

To have no prospects in your pipeline, right? Nothing’s worse than having a great product or service that no one knows about.

What if there was a tool that could easily find hundreds and thousands of leads that fit right in your target audience? I see your face lighting up at the thought.

Well, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the answer to your problems. It’s a LinkedIn premium product that helps you find prospects, create a list of leads, reach out to them, make a connection, analyze your SSI (Social Selling Index), and so on.

Find your ideal clients using Sales Navigator

Open your Sales Navigator tab.

On the home page, you can use the search filtering section. You can search by individual under the lead tab and you can search by companies under the account tab. This functionality allows you to search your ideal clients manually. You’ll see some pretty advanced options such as degree of connections, job title, number of employees in a company, geography, etc in the search portal.

For example, you can use LinkedIn Sales navigator to tap on startups who just got funding. One of the best ways to do that is to use the Account search functionality and the spotlight section under recent activities. With the right filtering of industries (i.e. software development) and geographic locations (i.e. US), you can find a list of companies that raised capital within the past 12 months and would be interested in your services.

The best part? You can save all these leads and accounts and create a list of your potential customers.

(You can also use Sales Navigator to find your next top performer for your company—it works equally well for talent acquisition!)

Building relationship with your leads

Now, let’s say you’ve built a list of potential customers (hurrah!). The next step is to engage with their content, then reach out to them. Sales Navigator also helps you in establishing and nurturing these relationships.

In addition to connecting with these leads, you can send 50 InMail messages every month!

Tell me if this has happened to you:
You find your ideal client’s email, you craft THE BEST cold email ever, and hit the send button.

But—guess what? The email landed in the spam folder, and you never hear from him again!

Sales Navigator has your back in such scenarios. The InMail text facility it offers is a Godsend. It helps you send DMs to people who are not in your connection list.

“Do people even open these messages?” I hear you asking. According to LinkedIn Talent Blog, InMail messages have a three-times-higher response rate than your traditional cold email.

Not to mention you get to develop and nurture relationships with your customers “at scale.”

It informs you of the new activities of your clients

Sales Navigator works as your little detective that gives you live updates on the activities of your prospects.

A new COO at your favorite company? You’ll be the first one to know. Is someone hiring a new media buyer? You can reach out to them about your services.

It basically creates opportunities for you without much effort on your part.

Integrate your CRM tool with Sales Navigator

This tool is compatible with CRM systems like Salesforce. So don’t worry about losing your saved data after integrating Sales Navigator with that CRM tool.

You can track your progress through Data Analytics

I always, always stress knowing your numbers—they’re super important. Sales Navigator helps you with analytics so you know if you’re on the right path.

We use a tool created by LinkedIn called Social Selling Index to indicate how good (or bad) your LinkedIn strategy is. It’s a number between 0-100 that shows which areas you need to work on. As a general rule of thumb, above 70 is considered a great score.

So, by now you know Sales Navigator makes sure you never have a feast-and-famine cycle again. Trust me, once you start using this wonderful tool, there’s no going back!

Julbert Abraham @jabraham
Help coaches, consultants, and speakers generate 6-7 figures using LinkedIn Ads.

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