8/30/22 Table Talk Checkin + recap notes

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@EddieGarrison stop blaming the algorithm create good content

@jfuhs shared that using the FB background style posts are still working

We talked about uploading Reels and Shorts and if they don’t get good numbers put them up on a different day…people are seeing better numbers

Shorts aren’t counting toward view hours

There are ways to monetize without “monetizing”

We had an interesting discussion about TikTok vs other platforms.

@lori says we need to roll with what is happening—you need to know YOUR audience!

@EddieGarrison wants to see where people are really coming from!

@lori is increasing followers with a CTA that says…if you like this follow us

@EddieGarrison we want them to concentrate on analytics not making new features on platforms.

@cedarcreekpublishing talked about working with authors — interested in repurposing, podcasts and getting caught back up after being gone for a period of time.

@holli.tierno we talked about Youtube podcasts…can you do it without video?
@jfuhs talked about using audiograms…but remember platform intent…people are going there for video

@deb talked about graphic sizes and @EddieGarrison says color blocking has to do with screen resolution

@lori talked about IG music and then getting a copyright issue when going to Facebook

Copyright strikes are causing issues for many.

Watch for a survey on next month’s time

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Great Table Talk today! Looking forward to the next one!


Great chat today. Good to see everyone repping the Streamyard merch


Loved seeing you Dewi…so much fun chatting about the Wrexham team and show!


Thanks for joining today Lori! Great discussion!


Really fun time! Thank you to everyone that joined us!


As I said in the chat, the marketing side is fascinating and could be a game changer