7 Ways To Show Gratitude To Your LinkedIn Network (Brynne Tillman)

Brynne Tillman

Thanksgiving is a day that has no religious boundaries, political views, or any underlying message that may contradict one’s ethos over another. Thanksgiving is a day to recognize the goodness in our lives, to be grateful for family and friends, for food on our tables, and for the many exciting journeys life brings our way. And although Thanksgiving is mainly a U.S. holiday, it is a day that can bring meaning all over the globe.

We believe this is a time to show thanks to our professional network. For many of us, our careers have grown through the people that support us every day, and LinkedIn is a great way to express gratitude and thanksgiving!

  1. Endorse your 1st-degree connections on LinkedIn. Be sure to choose skills that you know your connections have and that you have personally experienced.

  2. Make warm introductions to your connections who can benefit from knowing each other. You can use a LinkedIn message or an email. Just copy them both with a short description of each – you can pull information right from their LinkedIn About or Experience sections – and explain why you think both would benefit from connecting.

  3. Engage on and with their content, like their discussions and publications and tweets, and share their LinkedIn posts. Make sure you add your thoughts in the comments as well. Your network has spent a lot of time and energy to publish their content; the fact that you spent the time to read and participate will be very much appreciated.

  4. Recommend your connections on LinkedIn. There is no better way to show your appreciation than sharing a testimonial on LinkedIn, but make sure it is sincere. Recommendations are an especially fantastic way to thank your vendors this season!

  5. Give them a shout-out! Everyone likes to be mentioned! In your status update on LinkedIn or Twitter, thank your clients and vendors. In a message, type @TheirName, and select it from the drop-down. They will receive a notification and appreciate the time you took to recognize them!

  6. Create a “Thank You” video, mentioning one or more of your connections that have impacted you professionally this past year. Whether they are a mentor, a cheerleader, a resource, a vendor, a peer, or a client – a quick video can go a long way. Upload this to Native Video, mention them all in the post, and make others feel great because you are thankful to have them in your world.

  7. Give Kudos! This feature isn’t used by many and allows you to show your appreciation for your connections publicly.

Brynne Tillman
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How do you use LinkedIn to show gratitude to your network?


Hey there Brynne! I love point six. I am a huge fan of making videos. I will be making my first “Thank You” video on Monday. :slight_smile:

The way that I tend to show gratitude is to tag people in comments. Especially if they are looking for book authors, speakers, newsletters, etc.

What’s your favorite way to show gratitude?