7 Tips To Get Started as an Amazon Influencer (Chris Stone)

Chris Stone

You have a great show—now you just have to know how to get started on Amazon!

Becoming an Amazon Influencer can be a fantastic way to grow your brand influence and also make incremental passive income. If you already have experience live streaming and have never seen an immediate return on your time investment—you’ve come to the right place!

This post will cover 7 tips that will help you jump closer to the front of the line and get your Amazon Livestreams and Influencer Shop noticed.

First Things First

Once you’ve signed up for an Amazon Associates account and been approved as an Amazon Influencer, it’s time to get started on Amazon Live.

The most common barrier to entry into the Amazon Influencer Program is a lack of followers on one of the four platforms that Amazon requires you to submit. The number of subscribers or followers you need varies by platform, but if you have at least 2,000 followers on at least one of the required platforms (Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or a Facebook business page) you may be qualified! Facebook or Instagram approvals may take as much as a week to come; approval is almost immediate for the others.

There are three levels to the Amazon Influencer program:
1. Rising Star
2. Insider
3. A-List

Amazon Insider is the second level of Amazon Influencer. To get there, you’ll need to livestream on Amazon for at least 90 minutes consecutively—and then your shows will start appearing on the product pages on Amazon for the products you’ve tagged.

Amazon Associates Program Submission: Affiliate Program

Amazon Influencer Program Submission

Getting Noticed

Here are some tips on how to make sure your Amazon Livestream gets noticed.

Build Your Product Carousel

The first tip is to have a decently-sized and appropriate Amazon carousel. You don’t need 30 products, but having at least 15-20 will help you stand out from the crowd and drive more traffic to your Amazon Livestreams because Amazon wants people talking about similar products on their other product pages.

It’s critical to have most of the things you’re talking about on hand—and, more importantly, to be an expert with the sorts of goods you’re featuring so that you can answer any queries that an Amazon customer might hurl your way.

Remember that each time a viewer clicks on a product from your show or product video, every purchase they make in the next 24 hours gives you a commission (which varies between 1-4%, depending on the product type) based on the Amazon Associates program. This adds up over time, especially when you have thousands of people viewing simultaneously!

Click here to see firsthand how Amazon Live Influencers are putting together their shows with the product carousel.

Engage With Your Viewers

Two of the main ways Amazon Influencers get started is by following other Amazon Influencers and by asking for followers consistently when going live. If you want to eventually get to A-list status, you will need 2,000 followers, so don’t hesitate to ask—and don’t be afraid to get creative to encourage follows from viewers while live.

When you follow an Amazon Influencer, you receive a notification on your Amazon app (at times, but not always) when that Influencer goes live. When influencers promote new followers in the Amazon chat, they encourage others to do the same and get mentioned. Also be sure to respond to any inquiries from your audience who are viewing the goods you have in your carousel.

Believe it or not, Amazon is watching your show when you go live! They monitor the streams to ensure there is no spam, trolling or community violations happening. We even had an Amazon employee jump into our chat while live to help someone looking for the customer service phone number!

Amazon also won’t hesitate to shut down your stream if you violate any of their community policies, have a poor-quality stream, or are using more than five minutes of pre-recorded content while live.

Create Your Own Branded Merch with Amazon Merch

One thing a lot of Amazon Influencers neglect when they start streaming is adding their Merch account in the product carousel. Amazon Merch gives you a larger percentage of revenue than most other print-on-demand services: anywhere from 15-33% on many items. Not only that, you can put your Amazon Merch items into your product carousel each time you go live on Amazon, so your followers and fans can grab some of your branded swag!

Amazon Merch

Create Product Videos

Do at least three Amazon product videos and submit them to Amazon via your Shop Page. When Amazon approves your videos for distribution into the product pages, you can start to create real incremental revenue as a content creator.

Unless it’s a full setup or demonstration, make sure your video is no longer than two to five minutes in order for it to have the best chance for success. Keep the buyer’s journey in mind, and remember that they are entering one of the last steps before making a purchasing decision. Many Influencers make videos that are less than one minute long, but that is not always enough time for someone to make a decision about buying the product. If they click on the next video before they buy, you will not get the commission revenue for that sale. Remember that the viewer is doing research while they are ready to buy that particular item—so don’t waste their time! Get right to the point, answer any possible questions, and give them the information they need in order to make the purchase.

If you want to find things to sell, look at what people are buying. Start with products that you already own: add a video explaining the product and answer the questions people frequently ask. Use every bit of real estate that you have on the platform: make your thumbnail impactful and answer popular questions on it, as well as in the 60-character description of your product video.

Click here to see how product videos are presented on your Amazon Shop page.

Create Shoppable Photos

You can upload pictures with items sold to your Amazon shop page. These are called Shoppable Photos. These images are good for showing products sold on Amazon, and if these photos show up in #FoundItOnAmazon sections, they can drive more sales back to your Amazon Associates account. Currently items that are in the Women’s Fashion or Home Decor departments are the only Shoppable photo product types eligible for #FoundItOnAmazon distribution.

Get Your Podcast On Amazon

Podcasts on Amazon are accessible via Amazon Music; you should be able to distribute yours there using your current audio podcast host. If you cannot, click here to submit your podcast RSS feed.

Your audio podcast on Amazon Music can be added to your product carousel for each of your livestreams on Amazon, increasing your followers and downloads of your podcast every time you go live.

Catch The Wave

Remember when YouTube was just getting started? It wasn’t particularly exciting, was it? We all wish that we had developed our YouTube strategy back then, but now there are over 35 million YouTube channels.

Today, it is estimated that there are less than 2,000 total creators on the Amazon platform—and many of them aren’t active. With such a shallow pool of active monetized creators, wouldn’t you think now is the time to start on Amazon and ride the Live Selling wave as it rises?

Chris Stone @chris
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Hey @chris I have an Influencer page, but my main client has an amazing influencer page! We spent a lot of time and resources on moving everything from KIT to his store. I made sure we developed many Lists so that we could include them in-line for his blog posts. I’ve been trying to develop a nice strategy for him to go live there, but he’s not there yet :slight_smile: Nice post –


Thank you Phillis! Please let me know if I can help you!


Great job Chris! Glad that we get to work together on Dealcasters. This has been a great journey! Excited to be a part of the Social Media Pulse community!


This is a great write-up, Chris! You’re inspiring me to want to dip my toes into the wild world of Amazon more


Thanks @julia2 ! Come on in! The water’s fine! In fact, it’s the perfect temperature! :slightly_smiling_face:


You and @jfuhs know I’ve been dying to do this! Too many years growing up in a QVC HSN family! I guess I now have a reason to start building my social channels. Great article!


Thanks @deb ! You will be awesome on Amazon!


Great write up @chris I don’t go Live on Amazon but have found really good success with shoppable videos. It’s always a nice surprise at the end of the month with that deposit from Amazon!


I’m thinking my client - in particular - is not the one to be on camera for Amazon Live – and that’s the holdup. I think he needs someone else on the team to do this. We are still working through it.

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Right! One of the reasons I put the Shoppable Video stuff in my writeup here is because there are many influencers like yourself who have found it a beneficial stream of income!

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That’s an important step. There are many brands who livestream themselves or become the face of the brand on shoppable video, and they don’t have a lot of experience as an “influencer” so it’s definitely something to think through before putting everything out there.

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