7 Tips on Getting Over the Fear of Video for YouTube: Build Confidence that Shines On Camera! (Heather Heuman)

Heather Heuman

Are you struggling to break through the fear barrier when it comes to creating video content for YouTube? :clapper: Fear not! Heather Heuman, the founder of Sweet Tea Social Marketing, is here to guide you with her amazing insights!

Heather shares 7 game-changing tips to help you gain confidence and crush your fear of being on camera. From relaxation techniques to perfecting your smile, Heather’s coaching style will put you at ease and help you shine in front of the lens! :star2:

:dart: Are ready to step up your video game and boost your YouTube channel’s success? It’s time to start your journey to becoming a more confident content creator! :rocket:

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Heather Heuman @heather
Digital missionary, social media strategist, international keynote speaker and author, Heather Heuman has 23 years experience in sales, social media and business.

Heather is the founder and CEO of Sweet Tea Social Marketing and has worked with 3 Chick-fil-A’s as well as hundreds of leaders helping them develop and execute their social media strategy.

Heather’s podcast is 'The Infinitely More Podcast‘ and she calls South Carolina home with her husband and three teens.

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:headphones: Listen to Heather’s Podcast: 'The Infinitely More Podcast‘

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