6 Ways to WOW a New Social Media Client 🌟 (Deb Mitchell)

Deb Mitchell

6 Ways to WOW a New Social Media Client :star2:

Are you looking to make a lasting impression on your new clients? Want to WOW them from day one and set the stage for a successful long-term partnership? Look no further!

Don’t miss out on these creative ideas to help you stand out from the competition and keep your clients returning for more!

Personalized attention: Provide personalized attention to your clients by assigning a dedicated account manager to them. This will make them feel valued and important, and they will appreciate your effort to take care of them.

Collaborative workshop: Host a creative workshop where both teams can work together on a fun project or activity, such as a painting or cooking class. This can foster team bonding, communication, and collaboration between the agency and the client.

Send a video message: Record a sincere custom welcome video from your team, expressing excitement about the new partnership and showcasing your agency’s culture. This can help create a personal connection from the start.

Professional photography session: Arrange a photography session with a professional photographer for your client’s team or products. High-quality images can elevate their social media presence and overall branding.

Competitive analysis: Provide insights on your client’s competitors and their performance on social media. By showing your client how they stack up against their competition, you demonstrate that you understand their industry and are committed to their success.

Tech accessories: Consider gifting your clients your favorite tech accessories, like a video kit with a microphone, lighting, tripod, phone cases, or power banks to encourage them to create the onsite b-roll video and photos you need to create fantastic content. You can even have these custom-branded or pick accessories in their brand colors!

By implementing one or more of these six WOW factors, you can make a lasting impression and lay the foundation for a successful and fruitful partnership.

Remember, each client is unique, and finding the right way to connect with them will set you apart from the competition. So, seize the opportunity to make your clients feel valued, understood, and excited to work with you. :blush::muscle:

Embrace the opportunity to stand out in the social media landscape and become the go-to agency or freelancer everyone wants to work with. Your clients will thank you, and your business will thrive! :star2::tada:

Deb Mitchell @deb
As an expert in community building and marketing, Deb Mitchell is the Senior Community Manager for Agorapulse and the Social Media Pulse Community. With over 25 years of experience running a digital marketing agency, she has a wealth of knowledge to draw from. You’ll often find her behind the scenes helping clients create amazing experiences for their customers. Her passion for supporting community-driven online businesses led her to establish a membership community called Community Builders’ Paradise. Here Deb works with business owners to brainstorm and develop their marketing strategies so they can engage, grow, and WOW their communities.

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