50+ Social Media Manager MeetUp Checkin & Recap

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We had a great discussion…thanks for attending everyone! These are my in MeetUp fast quick notes. Hope you’ll join us next time!

Anyone using AI discussion
@joanna1 into tech and she is trying to find her way. She’s using it as a colleague. Great with processes–for when you want a formula on how to do things.

@claireshuford using it for blog posts…especially with a solar company

Adam Zand–thinks there are a lot of mistakes–people are being lazy! Not strategic – In larger agencies it can be a disaster ready to happen.

@phylliskhare is using it everyday – great at solving problems as a utility

@deb uses it regularly to add creativity

@vwcorson is using it for scientific explanations

State of business…How’s work? Busy? Discussion
Lots of projects on hold due to squeamishness – people are frozen.
White Labeling
What are your business goals?
UK marketing budgets are stopped. Business costs–heating costs. Big downturn. Lots of strikes.

How to remind people to not turn off marketing in a downturn.
Too much noise if you don’t keep marketing.
Good to reflect on downturns and past experiences. We know there are upsides…and need to get up

Pricing Guideline
Audit Spreadsheet

How do you deal with age…

  • many business owners are the same age and older than us

  • younger people who are excited about things we were talking about 10 years ago

  • we have already done this…same principals.

  • sometimes it’s daunting

  • not recognized

  • stay up with the tech…you keep the validity

  • it’s amazing our experience

  • we are curious – that’s good

  • influencer isn’t necessarily the right match for the business

  • sometimes you have to let them do the test then run it against something you know

  • asking does that support the business goal? keeping that in mind is important.

  • what’s in the interest of the business and their actual customer

  • Reels doesn’t mean it’s the right match

Deb will make a post telling people they can reach out to her and she will post for them if they have a question they don’t want to post publicly.

Loved meeting new Space Friends! Thanks for joining use Adam Zand, @claireshuford @vwcorson Evesh, @danabarker @joanna1 @phylliskhare! Great to see @dewieirigjones pop in at the end!

If you were signed up and missed this…we missed you! If you are over 50…hope you’ll join us next time!


great re-cap @deb


I use AI to get over the blank page syndrome, summarise articles, find inspiration for new content and write social media posts quickly when time is short.


It was a great discussion…loved meeting everyone. At times I forgot to take notes because I was enjoying the chat so much! LOL

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Totally get you on the blank page syndrome!!!


Loved all the chatter. I thought it was a really refreshing get together, very open and honest. Wonderful to make new friends too! Thanks for hosting this and looking forward to many more :raised_hands:t2:

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