5 Ways to Encourage Your Employees to Share Your Company’s Social Media Content (Azure Collier)

Azure Collier

You’ve spent a ton of time developing a successful social media strategy: writing, creating images, editing video, curating content, and analyzing engagement data for your company’s networks.

There’s just one problem: your co-workers have no clue what’s happening with your company’s digital presence, and haven’t even liked any recent posts.

As marketers, we sometimes get so caught up in reaching people outside our company with social media that we forget to interact with our internal audiences. I have five tips that can turn your co-workers into some of your biggest fans that will help drive social media engagement.

1. Remind them to follow you

Marketers are eager to follow their companies and sometimes start by liking pages and profiles even before they start at a new workplace. It might not be as top-of-mind for employees in other departments.

Take the time to remind your co-workers about your company’s social media channels. Create a list of social media URLs and share them at least once a quarter on any internal messaging such as Slack or employee newsletters. If you have internal resource tools like Guru or share files on Dropbox, add a document there that lists all the social networks and links. Ask your human resources office to include your social networks as part of the employee onboarding process.

2. Create a social media guide

A guide that outlines what the company posts on each social network, the tone of voice, a list of hashtags, guidelines, and recommendations, will go a long way to help employees decide what to say when they’re talking about your company or your content.

Provide a list of resources and links to the external content you’d like them to share (such as blog posts, guides, downloadable content, infographics, press releases, press mentions, and other pieces) and let them know when new content is available.

3. Let the feed come to them

Internal communication tools such as Slack integrate with some social networks or social scheduling tools and allow you to automatically send posts to a channel where employees can access them. You can also set up feeds for social networks on your company’s “About Us” section or blog on your website as another way to provide employees with the latest posts.

4. Make it easy to post

If you’re promoting a certain piece of content, an event, or a campaign and you want your co-workers to help spread the word, make it easy for them to do so.

You can write captions tailored to each social network (don’t forget Twitter and Instagram hashtags!), create images sized for each social network or post type, and include the links you want included in the posts. Add that information to a shared document or folder and let the company know where to find it.

Make it even easier by asking employees to simply share your original posts. Provide links to those posts or pin them to the top of your networks for instant access.

5. Post about them

Your company wouldn’t get the job done without your amazing employees—give them a little love on social media!

Share behind-the-scenes posts about your office culture, employee profiles, and visuals that tell the story of what you do in the office or out on the road. Tag the employees you feature and share the links to these posts internally.

Spotlighting your employees gives them a more personal connection to your company’s social media content and they’ll be more likely to share posts about them or their team with their friends.

Apply these tips now to build your employee fanbase

Get started now with these five tips to have all the resources and visibility in place to encourage employees to share and interact with your social media content.

Take this initiative even further by using UTM tracking codes for the links you share internally as a way to track employee interest and engagement.

And don’t forget to like and comment on employee posts to let them know you appreciate their efforts!

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@azurecollier nice! What a great way to encourage employee engagement on social media channels. I have two more tips to add:

  1. set up a team meeting / employee training where you share your goals, explain your purpose, your dreams. Sharing the ‘why’ along with your strategy can go a long way.
  2. Set up a reward system. Allow employees to rake in ‘points’ for sharing, writing, creating content etc and reward them with point to be traded in for swag, or other prizes.