4 Types Of Content You Should Make For 2023 (Rebekka Reynolds)

Rebekka Reynolds

Social media can level the playing field between your small business and billion-dollar corporations. You can market yourself to MILLIONS for free using the same tools as massive companies. It truly is the best, most affordable, avenue to introduce your business. Prospective customers can be wowed by your extreme marketing prowess with a few swipes before they click “buy now”.

Over 5 BILLION videos are viewed each day on YouTube alone. How do you make your content stand out? What content attracts attention and takes a slice out of that billion-view pie so you can compete against companies 100x your size?

Here are the four pieces of content you need to make to stand out in 2023 on social media.

1) High-value content

It sounds vague, but you need to make content that is deliciously irresistible. It needs to be a drop of gold in the noise that is the internet.

In other words, it needs to solve a problem and/or be entertaining.

Solve a problem

Solving problems for people in your videos allows you to provide a ton of value for FREE online. When people know they can trust you, and look to you for answers, you make your social pages a resource that people want to check regularly.

A trend account is an account that posts routine “trend alerts” on TikTok. They know their ideal clients (brands and social media managers) are looking for trends and want an easy way to find them. They regularly put out content walking brands through trending sounds and dances so they don’t have to go hunting. These accounts grow quickly because they solve a problem: They save their audience time.

Take your ideal customer and ask, “What problems do they have that I could solve in a video?" Make a list. If you’re not sure you can always go to www.answerthepublic.com and use their search tool to find questions and topics your audience is looking for online. Now create a series of videos walking people through books, resources, and step-by-step instructions that walk them through it.


Remember the Old Spice commercials? Or the Dr. Squatch ads? Or the Lume videos? These marketing geniuses have harnessed the power of entertainment marketing and paired it BEAUTIFULLY with educational content. It’s funny, memorable and it captures your attention. People don’t mind being sold to when it’s interesting AND funny!

Humor is a great entertainment tool. Quick cuts, witty banter, and outrageous and over-the-top storylines can all lend a hand in hitting viewers’ funny bones. Partner this with common themes in your industry and you’re golden.

If humor isn’t in your skillset, there are other ways to entertain.

You can tell good stories.

2) Story-telling content

People follow people. They want to connect and share experiences together. They want to be a part of the journey. Stories are one of the most powerful assets we have. They differentiate us from those around us while connecting us to those who understand. The successful ones are the ones who take it a step further and don’t just share the highlights. They share all of it. The good, the bad, the exciting, and the messy.

Let people see the 1:00 a.m. working hours while you grind to build a better future. Make a video on a rough day and let people see you when the imposter syndrome sets in. Hit record and then read the disheartening proposal email rejection. Tap the countdown timer and give your real-time reaction to finally getting the dream project. Document the story of your business and your brand. There is beauty in the mundane as well as the big wins.

What’s great about storytelling content is that it can be done with b-roll and voiceover, b-roll and text, clips cut from raw moments, or actually looking at the camera and telling the tale yourself. Storytelling can be done in writing on the screen, in a video, or in the caption which makes it great low-effort content for days when your energy is low but you still want to get something on your socials that serves value.

3) Controversial Content

You know those videos that go INSANELY viral on the internet?

There is usually one re-occurring element that made them go viral: Controversy.

If you read through the thousands of comments below these posts, there are usually multiple perspectives being given in reaction to the content. People are clarifying, arguing, agreeing, and disagreeing with whatever was posted. This is why social and political content can take off like wildfire.

Controversy drives engagement.

Engagement drives virality.

Now, don’t go posting every controversial topic you can think of. That’s a quick race to getting canceled or shut down by the platform for breaking community guidelines. Platforms take down accounts regularly for posting content deemed as bullying or inciting hate.

What you want to do is find healthy controversial topics that invite a conversation.

Have you ever seen a post on Facebook with memes bashing pineapple on pizza? Usually, the accounts that post these photos don’t actually care about pizza. They post these so that people debate in the comments and drive up the page’s engagement. It works.

If you can pair controversial topics with the product or service that you are making, marketing magic happens.

Let’s use the same pineapple on pizza example, but it’s for a local pizza shop. The post is driving up engagement on a product that is actually sold by the page posting it.

Another way to take advantage of controversy is to Stitch, Duet, or Remix viral videos and then add your own spin to it. You’re essentially viral hijacking the controversial piece at the beginning of the video and then using it to increase reach for your own content.

One of the pros of using this strategy is Justin_Danger_Nunley who has grown his account to 5.5M on TikTok by adding his own witty commentary and odd facts following the often controversial first 3 seconds from viral videos.

4) Short-form video content

This one might sound redundant because the first three types of content also all apply to video content, but the strategy behind them will also work well for static and carousel-style posts. If you haven’t jumped on platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, or Facebook Reels, then I am here to tell you it is not too late!

Let’s go over what makes short-form video different from the videos we used to post and how you create them in a way that GRABS attention.

It’s important to note that a short-form video is different from a typical video. This style of content requires you to REALLY focus on the first five seconds. If you don’t nail it, people will scroll and your content will be lost in the abyss of billions of videos viewed. This first five seconds is called your hook and it needs to be the best part of your video.

The hook needs to grab attention. It can be shocking, mysterious, surprising, disturbing, revolting, offensive, hilarious, intriguing, or anything that makes the viewer feel something IMMEDIATELY. You need to stop the scroll. You can create a hook with on-screen text, words, visuals, or all three at the same time.

After the hook, the next important part is the pace of the video. It should move quickly. Cut out long pauses and filler. Cram as much as you possibly can into that 30-60 second video so that the viewer is engaged for the entire video. Add captions on the screen, visuals, stickers, colorful backgrounds, interesting objects and more so your viewers can watch, read and listen at the same time.

Give value (solve a problem or entertain), use controversy, tell a story, or use ALL THREE to create layers of interest within a short-form video.

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Awesome article Rebekka! I think specially for Tiktok those 5 seconds are definitely as critical as you say.

That answer the public resource is awesome. Plenty of questions out there to answer :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

I don’t know how entertaining I really am so I’m going the info/problem solve route haha


That is awesome friend!

The education space is VAST and many people in the space don’t give tangible advice- they give “fluff”.

You can totally differentiate yourself quickly by giving solid value with a strong intro!

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For sure I get that haha! I often listen to videos and then wonder what exactly I learned - and wish they’d be more direct… especially photography videos.