πŸš€πŸš€πŸŽ₯ 3 Ways to Up Your Video Confidence with Dana Sanchez [Camp Space Friend: IG Reels]

Dana Sanchez of Clipboard Confidence

With a company called Clipboard Confidence and a no-nonsense attitude, Dana Sanchez is the perfect person to share how confidence is the key to showing up authentically on videos!

Dana Sanchez @dana1
Dana Sanchez is a sales and marketing consultant with keen interest in human behavior. Today, her primary focus is small business, but over the years she’s worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including Ford, AT&T, Harley Davidson, and General Motors.

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Tell Us Below:

Do you feel confident on video?


I feel all right on about being on video I feel that it depends on the lighting or maybe the sound or maybe what I wore that day but I’m kind of 50/50 on the video now I do do podcasts and that is pretty comfortable because it’s only my voice but you do good on video


It took a LOTTTTT of Facebook Live broadcasts for me to finally feel confident on video. I think it’s a trust in your community as well as practice that really made the difference for me.


and I’ll add…a lot of Zoom calls!


Practice on YouTube Or Skype, after about a week my confidence level was @ a 9. Just relax and look at a comfortable level- headed spot and take deep breathe and start your cast with a positive affirmation.


Great tip @robinbuckley18 thanks for sharing! Would love to see some of your work!