3 Ways to Build a Loyal Community on Social Media (Jen Cole)

Jen Cole

First off, do you know who your social media community is and why they’re important to your brand?

What do you know about them? Do you know why they love your brand over others? Do you know where they are in the buying process?

Waaaait…you’re not on social media for the sole purpose of selling your product or service, are you?

If you’re on social media just to promote yourself, you’re going to run into a snag. Social media channels are meant to be social. You must engage your audience, learn about their interests, get to know them and interact with them. By coming to the table with these intentions in mind, you’ll automatically be dealt a far better social hand.

What makes a brand lovable to their social media community? It really does boil down to the types of content you share. What does your typical fan like and relate to, and how is your brand relevant to those things? Making your brand fun and beneficial to interact with is what social media is supposed to be all about.

Here are 3 ways to guarantee fan devotion:

1. Be a resource:

The more you help someone, the more they like and trust you.

Does your brand have a blog? Having your own blog is an excellent way to demonstrate your knowledge. Make a list of your customers’ pain points as well as their FAQ’s and turn those into weekly blog posts. From there, repurpose that very same topic by making a produced video or live-streamed episode. Trim those longer-form videos into small video clips that you can post to Twitter, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Reels, and TikTok.

The more content you repurpose, the better. This helps you stay consistent and predictable for your fans. Over time they’ll learn that they can trust that you will regularly show up for them and bring them value.

2. Interact:

Like I said before, social media is meant to be social.

Stay clear of syncing profiles to each other. When you sync profiles (i.e., having your Facebook content post directly to your Twitter account, etc), you can potentially ignore an entire prospective community, and not to mention the formatting will be clunky.

If your brand is going to make the effort to create different social media profiles, you must also make the effort to engage on each one and deliver diverse, meaningful content to each place. This could mean devoting as little as 10 minutes per day to liking posts, writing short positive comments on other people’s posts, or even retweeting and sharing content from other accounts.

Incorporate user-generated content into your mix. This helps bring your community together and allows your fans to be the hero in your brand story.

3. Be authentic:

This one should be easy. Behind every social profile, there is a real, live human managing it. Be that as it may, it’s important to remember that you can stay on-brand and act like a human at the same time.

Develop an online “voice” for your brand. If you’re an accounting firm, develop a voice that is objective yet easy to understand. If you’re a local boutique, join in the online “shop local” scene and be approachable, yet knowledgeable about your own products and brands. Get the idea?

One more thing: handle negative feedback in a constructive way. You never know when you’ll be able to turn a negative review into a positive one, simply by caring and taking the time to address them.

Building a community can potentially be an easy task if you don’t overthink it. The thing to remember is to be a human and to treat others the way that you want to be treated. Now go forth and be lovable!

Jen Cole @jcole
SMM @ Greteman Group
Owner of X-Stand
Podcaster on Making a Marketer
Former Social Media Manager at Social Media Examiner