🎥 3 Reasons Every Business Needs To Be On YouTube (Matt Hughes)

Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes is THE “King Of Video”!

We caught up with Matt at #kickstart-dublin and asked him why every business needs to be on YouTube.

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Today I’m going to tell you three reasons why every business—every business—should be on YouTube.

(I’ve got five of these in total, but today I’m going to give you three.)

1. Audience

So the first A, the reason why you want to be on YouTube is because you can get a new, big organic audience.

Whatever audience you’ve got on all the other social media platforms, I guarantee you that this audience is going to be very different. It’s going to be a great audience to get and it can be a big, fast-growth kind of audience.

2. Authority

I’m going to give you an example of why you can build amazing authority on YouTube—and it actually relates to Facebook!

Imagine you’re a personal trainer and somebody says, “Hey, I’m looking for a personal trainer.”

What happens when somebody asks that question is 50 people will be tagged in that post, 50 different personal trainers, because everybody knows a personal trainer—or it could be a photographer or something like that, right? So, there’s a sea of people tagged into that post.

Now, some people will reply, most people won’t follow up—you should definitely follow up, always!—but there’s one thing you can do with a YouTube channel that immediately stands you out, and that is to tag in your intro video, a video that you’ve got on YouTube, anything that means that when the person who’s asked that question clicks on your channel, they are moved away from everybody else and you immediately become the authority in that in that situation.

I would hazard a guess, of a hundred people only one or two of them will have a YouTube channel. So it’s stamped your authority on that.

3. Asset Library

What happens next, which is my third A, is that they end up on your Asset Library.

Every video that you put on YouTube is a digital asset. So you post your best piece of content—I call it a signature video—and when they land on your asset library.

They’ve asked for a personal trainer. You’ve put one of your videos in there, so you’re the authority now. They land on your channel, and they end up with this wonderful asset library of all the amazing content you’ve got.

That’s the exact thing that you want. It accelerates the know, like, and trust factor and, then you win—well, hopefully you win that bit of business.

And that’s why I think every business should be on YouTube.

Matthew Hughes @matt
I am the King of Video and I help small business owners and entrepreneurs Launch, Grow and Monetise their YouTube Channels.

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AAA - easy to remember!
Thanks @matt .

I am on YouTube. Used to create videos that did well. Now I am livestreaming to YouTube. I need a strategy though… :sweat_smile::joy:

Thanks for the reminder to go back to basic aka YouTube. I KNOW it works.


My YouTube serves as a content library, but it doesn’t get many views at all. I live stream there but only because it saves me the effort of uploading the video there later (again, since it’s a good library); I never get live views there! Then again, I haven’t tried that hard… must start listening to @matt more! :crown:

I have more A’s to follow Dorien, that’s just 3 of them :smiley:

Strategy is the key to making it work.

Yep, livestreaming is a great strategy for growth once you’ve hit a good number of subscribers, actually it’s pointless otherwise.

Come on over Christine and I’ll teach you ALL THE THINGS :smiley:

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