🚨 1989 Taylor Swift Trend - Did your accounts jump on this? see examples #inmycollegeera

Fell down the 1989 rabbit hole today!

Loved seeing what a lot of the colleges did to jump on the re-release of Taylor Swift’s 1989 album! Did you do anything with your accounts?

IF you want to…scroll to the bottom for template and font references.

Don’t miss reading the comments on the University of Georgia one!

[University of Cincinnati on Instagram: "What song will you be playing on repeat today? 🎶 #1989TaylorsVersion"]

Here’s how to create your own album cover (note the permissions)

Now that the weekend is over and the 1989 release day has past I found it super interesting to visit this post again and scroll though the examples an see the level of engagement (aka likes in this case) some of these posts got!

For example…
University of Georgia got over 24K likes – massive response! Even a tiny account like Worcester State with only 10K followers got approx. double their normal likes!

The “Taylor Effect” was definitely in play!