15 Questions to Ask Before You Commit to Working with a New Client

We’ve got the ultimate list of questions :dart: to help you and your future clients get on the same wavelength. With these conversation starters, you’ll be on your way to a harmonious and productive relationship. So, grab your notepad :notebook:, flex those interview muscles :muscle:, and dive into the world of insightful questions that will transform your business! :rocket::star2:

Go through these questions and decide which ones are appropriate for your work. We recommend having them in front of you as you interview a potential client.

Many times they are answered during the interview process. It’s also a nice interface to use as a wrap-up to ensure everyone is on the same page.

NOTE: You don’t have to ask these questions OUTLOUD. Just note their answers to other things, and you’ll get your answers.**

  1. Are you open to sharing the personal side of your business/product online?

  2. Are you OK with giving free advice (in posts and tweets) that do not pitch your services?

  3. Are you willing to engage in a public conversation with relevant people in your niche online?

  4. Are you willing to learn ways of marketing that might be different from what you currently use?

  5. Are you (or the people in your marketing department) willing to take the time to work with me to develop all these online sites/landing pages/new social accounts/lead gens?

  6. Do you have a regular time in your weekly/monthly schedule to meet with me for XX minutes?

  7. Do you have an advertising budget that can be adjusted to include some items I’m putting on the proposal? (You might need to list some of those items)

  8. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the least), how patient a person are you?

  9. Do you prefer to see color-coded charts or Excel files as your monthly/weekly reports?

  10. If I sent you a social task to complete (a personal reply to someone or developing some bit of specific text), are you able to put it on your calendar to complete within two days?

  11. Regular communication: Email? Instant Message? Facebook Chat? Phone?

  12. Emergency communication: Email? Instant Message? Facebook Chat? Phone?

  13. I prefer direct deposits for monthly/weekly payments. Does that work for you?

  14. Are you willing to be on video? Is there someone in your company that is?

  15. How can I best access information about the company that I need to be sharing?

Shoutout to @phylliskhare for these brilliant questions from her book Social Media Marketing eLearning Kit for Dummies.