10/14/22 Agency Mastermind Check-in + recap notes

If you attended today’s Agency Mastermind this is the spot for you to check-in and feel free to add any notes!

Next Agency Mastermind will be in November at the date we picked during the Mastermind

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Great discussion today everyone!!

We talked about SOPs and figuring out how to juggle all the things

Talked about ClickUp
Check out Ask Yvi

@awilson has a CEO Day on Fridays where she works on her business

@erika talking about hiring someone to help with doing things she doesn’t have time for

@coreycwalker talked about going on podcasts

@erika suggested looking at how Pam Pidner is chopping up podcasts

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@awilson talked about last-minute content –

Advice call attendees gave…

  • preserve your weekend and nights
  • Watch out for clients training you!!
  • explain that your business has morphed and you don’t work that way anymore
  • raise your prices – emergency double or triple your rate
  • have service agreements in place with emergency rates – they will pay once…and rethink
  • for retainer work…have focus days on that client…spell out deadlines…and stagger different clients on different days
  • have a timeline for when content is due and give that to the client
  • let this client be a red flag for future clients
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Burnout…it’s real!
People are struggling.

Protect your time…keep family time safe

Moving around while working helps…go outside…go to the beach

Changing the environment helps…go to the park!

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How do you balance business, clients, and personal accounts?

Blend personal and business together – develop relationships

Friday content creation days…CEO days…slower days with clients

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Happy to spin up one of these anytime anyone needs to chat with other agency friends!

We’re also looking for someone to be a Agency Mastermind Leader…so if you are…reach out!!!

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Hi @deb had a November date been announced?